Festival Britannia: UK Festivals through the Decades

Event type: Panel discussion and Q&A at Kendal Calling 2015

Capacity: 70

Venue: The woods at Kendal Calling

Participants: Professor Ben Challis, legal counsel for Glastonbury Festival, festival expert Dr Emma Webster and Rob Scully, festival producer and owner of Croissant Neuf Summer Party.

My role: Curator


“8 weeks off from Kendal Calling we were posed with a problem: how to fill some gaps in our programming of the Lost Eden woodlands with next to no funding left. One innovative solution, if I may say so myself, was to put together a panel of experts to discuss the evolution of festival culture. Examining festivals, within a festival! This tied in with the 2015 theme, which was ‘Decades’, hence UK Festivals through the Decades. At the time the panel took place, I was in a corner somewhere sobbing with exhaustion (yep – not even exaggerating) after what had been the most challenging week of my career. This meant I missed the panel, but I was told (by a VIP at the Arts Council, no less!) that is was engaging, interesting and well attended. Nice!” – Roxy