Essential Insights: Festival Panel 2015

Event type: Panel discussion and networking event for Creative Event Design students at the UK Centre for Events Management.

Capacity: 300

Venue: James Graham Building, Leeds Beckett University

My role: Chair and organiser

“This was without a doubt a highlight of 2015. Working with Michelle Lanham, who is an inspiring and well-loved lecturer in Events Management, we produced an event that brought theory to life through the medium of a lively panel discussion for students and professionals. The panel consisted of high profile and award winning festival organisers and producers: Freddie Fellowes (Secret Garden Party), Cordelia Ashwell (Kendal Calling and Festival No. 6) Ben Johnstone (Parklife) and Lucy Barker (Beacons). We asked our students to come dressed in ‘festival-wear’ and hosted an informal breakout event after the session, where students got the opportunity to chat to panellists directly. It was a truly rewarding experience to witness the exchange of knowledge and the delivery of events knowledge via such a refreshing format. The Essential Insights: Festival Panel will return in 2016, so keep your eyes peeled” – Roxy

© images courtesy of Tom Martin