Lost Eden (supported by the Arts Council England)

Event type: woodland area at Kendal Calling, Cumbria

Capacity: 25,000 (whole festival)

Indicative Artists: Dan Fox, Mick Stephenson, Dan Rawlings (visual artists), Thingumajig, Bearded Kitten, the Lantern Company (performance artists).

My role: Bid writer and creative coordinator.

 “Lost Eden was an ambitious project from the outset. Starting with an application to the Arts Council England in the winter of 2014, and finishing with an explosion of colour and music in previously unoccupied woodlands—Lost Eden was simply an immense experience. Set in gorgeous surrounds at the Lowther Deer Park of Kendal Calling, the aim of Lost Eden was to inject a generous dose of art and culture into the already well loved, award winning festival. This was part of a longer-term strategy for making Kendal Calling a northern hallmark event for the arts, as well as for music. Lost Eden was a great leap in this direction, but we’re not finished yet. Watch this space for 2016”. – Roxy