Raisetheroof 2004 – 2013

Event type: Urban indoor festival of art and music, 4 shows per year

Capacity: 1400

Venue: Leeds West Indian Centre and Vox Warehouse

Past Artists: Dub Pistols, the Beat, Dreadzone, Utah Saints, A-Skillz, Slamboree

My role: founder, booker, all-round events manager

“Raisetheroof festival was undoubtedly ‘my baby’ – I had launched the event in my student digs, and lovingly grew it for the next 9 years while studying for my degree and post-grad. They were the best years! The thrill of doing everything: booking, marketing; I even enjoyed flyering the clubs at five in the morning!! Yep, I did that. Raisetheroof was a popular event which could have grown further, but I decided to call it quits in 2013 as I’d just been hired by Beacons Festival and had also started to write my book, and it all got too much. Sometimes you have to close some doors to make room in your life for new projects, and 9 years is a long time. I have never looked back. No regrets. But these were the best years….. did I say that already?” – Roxy